Stefan Metz Orlando Quartet

During our recording sessions in the Philips studio we always listened to the excellent Quad ESL63 loudspeakers. I liked them so much, that I enjoy them at home since more than fifteen years. Now we are looking for a new stereo for our second home in France and I listened to quite a lot of loudspeakers. The top of my searching journey through KEF, B&W and many others was the ‘Guarneri Memento’ of Sonus Faber with a velvet like warm sound. Before purchasing it, I saw on the internet a quite arrogant advertisement of Stradivari with their ‘Magnus’ comparing with the ‘Guarneris’. Becoming curious about this advertisement (how dare they!) I decided to listen to them. There I could compare both sounds and indeed the Stradivari has the wonderful combination of the warmth of the ‘Guarneri’ with a beautiful transparency which I experienced for the first time during my entire searching journey.

My congratulations to Stradivari for his wonderful achievement and I do recommend it highly to all music lovers.

Stefan Metz, cellist

Orlando Quartet
Two times ‘Grand Prix du Disque’

Orlando Trio
Edison; Jahrespreis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik; Two Grammy nominations